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When it comes to pampering yourself, nothing beats a relaxing massage at the Massage Center IN Ambassador Hotel Lahore. Located near the Jamia Masjid, the Royal Swiss Lahore offers 350 guest rooms, three restaurants, and free WiFi in public areas. Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, you’ll appreciate the spa’s convenient location in the city center.


The hotel’s amenities include a temperature-controlled pool, a health club, and lavish textures. Rates include complimentary American breakfast, buffet breakfast, and valet service. Guests staying at this 4-star property enjoy the convenience of complimentary high-speed Internet access and a personal driver. Massage Center IN Ambassador Hotel Lahore is a great place to unwind after a stressful day at work or on business.

Massage Center IN Ambassador Hotel Lahore


Located in the heart of Lahore, this boutique hotel provides complimentary breakfast daily. Massage Center IN Ambassador Hotel Lahore is available in the lobby, and there are designated areas for smokers. The hotel offers 90 air-conditioned rooms with televisions, DVD players, hair dryers, and daily housekeeping. Most rooms come equipped with a desk and chair, and some even include a mini-bar and DVD player.

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Escorts In Barkat Market Lahore

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