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First of all, escorts are amazing. Getting sex with a professional escort feels like a date – you meet someone, flirt with them, and get intimate with them. But unlike a typical date, escorts don’t have to worry about how long they’ll stay naked, and there’s no pressure to stay a certain number of hours. The process is also much more relaxed and comfortable.

What makes an escort stand out? First of all, they spend a considerable amount of time grooming themselves. They make sure they look sexy and presentable before the play session. While this may sound like a minor detail, you’d be surprised to learn that men are often shy around less classically beautiful women. Aside from grooming, escorts also make sure to be well-dressed. But it’s not just appearances that make a difference.

The other difference between escort services and regular dates is that they are paid for. Instead of feeling pressured into looking sexy and acting like someone, escorts are paid to do their job. The escorts are expected to act with respect, kindness, and cleanliness. In return, you get to spend time getting to know them. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to make an unforgettable date with a professional escort.

There’s another difference between escorts and prostitutes. While escorts are paid to be escorted, prostitutes are hired to perform sex for money. This makes escorts different and incredible from prostitutes. These people have higher levels of training than prostitutes, and are usually better dressed. They’re also more flexible and adaptable during conversations.

The higher end of the prostitution market can pay up to $500 an hour. This is not for the sake of sex alone. The escorts’ income is booming. One in 20 men have willingly slept with them, so they’re not just for sex. Most of them have a graduate degree. Among them are regular clients like Claire, who started escorting ten years ago.

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